Design & Build

One of the best feelings of this business is being able to stand at the finish line of your product and know it’s superior to the next... Our custom cabinets, Build ins, shelving, flooring, siding and furniture builds reflect my teams thinking and style... Perfection is something we always strive for... You’ll be More than Satisfied with our products.

Our Mission is very clear, simple and straight forward....We strive to bring the best overall product to the forefront....We will never cut corners, guide our clients down the wrong path or handle ourselves with anything but the utmost professionalism...Our combined carpentry education and experience amongst our team is one of the most lengthy and diverse in the industry and with that we offer a superior product for all of our clientele.

We have the skills and the tools to create some incredible projects. If you have any sort of custom project you want Michael Anthony Custom Designs to create please contact us today!